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We're dining outside!
Tues - Sat from 4 - 9:00PM
Speak to one of us in the Market to grab a table.

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Food and wine at Verjus should evoke fun, excitement, curiosity, conversation, and a sense of immediacy. The environment is casual and we encourage you to be social ( and at a good distance). Menu changes daily.

Shop online or visit us - Our Market is open for provisions!

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Menu spontané served daily!

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A wide variety of charcuterie, cheese, fish conserva, bistro fare and bar snacks.

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Please order at the bar!



Verjus serves an eclectic array of authentic wines focusing on small-scale, independent growers who farm organically and produce wines with minimal additives and native fermentations.

The way that we select our wines mimics the sensibility of how we buy our ingredients in our kitchens.

Verjus is a wine bar and as such we do not encourage corkage. If you have a special bottle that you would like to enjoy during your time at Verjus corkage is $80 per 750ml bottle / limit 2 bottles.