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2020 7 8 Verjus Outdoor 7956

Reservations are encouraged.



Verjus’ food and casual atmosphere evoke fun, excitement, curiosity and conversation. We feature a weekly changing menu. It’s local, seasonal, driven by what our local producers bring us each day and includes a variety of cheeses, fish conserva, housemade charcuterie, bistro fare and bar snacks.



Verjus serves an eclectic array of wines focusing on small-scale, independent growers who farm organically, producing wines with minimal additives and native fermentations. We select our wines the same way we select our ingredients: with careful attention paid to both the quality of the product and the values of the producer.

We are proud of our wine list, and as such, do not encourage corkage. If you have a special bottle that you would like to enjoy during your meal, corkage is $80 per 750ml bottle, with a limit of 2 bottles.